ALARM MASTERS honored as Fort Bend Women’s Center Organization Volunteer of the Year

ALARM MASTERS CORPORATION was recently honored with the Fort Bend Women’s Center Organization Volunteer of the Year award.

“The Spinners had a song that went, “Whenever you call me, I’ll be there.  I’ll be around”.  This organization has been around for us – for over 20 years!  They have donated their time, equipment and expertise at each of our locations, especially the shelter.  From donated planning, labor for low voltage wiring/data & phone to DVR & Security cameras, they have been a great help to us.  They keep our clients and staff safe.  The majority of services provided by this organization have been donated at their cost – saving us thousands of dollars so the money we raise can be used to serve our families.

The owner of this organization is a Scout Leader and a magician… Brian Turner, thanks for always working a little magic for the Women’s Center”.

Brian Turner seen here accepting award from Lucy Smith, Chief Operations Officer, Fort Bend Women’s Center.

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